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Quota Issues

Added by Timo Uhlmann about 7 years ago.

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It's very helpful that estimated hours aren't lost any more for parent issues, but we have the following workflow, which is still unsupported:

  • When first estimating a project, we create issues for large tasks and roughly estimate those features
  • Before they're actually implemented, the task is broken down into subtasks, which allows for a more detailed estimation
  • If the original feature (e.g. parent task) was estimated correctly, the subtasks' estimated hours should sum up to roughly equal the parents' estimated hours

Currently, parent tasks' estimated hours are included into the total estimated hours. I've created an is_quota field for issues. If this is set to true, the parent's total estimated hours don't include the estimated hours of the parent itself, like so.

For example, when the parent task has an estimate of 100.0 h, with one task having 25 h, the output looks like this:

Estimated time: 100.00 h (Subtasks: 25.00 h)

Any thoughts on this? Is the naming correct, or does anyone have a better idea?
Is the formatting okay? The sum of the subtasks could also go below the parent's estimated time.

I'll add tests for the feature once it's clear that everyone's happy and that the patch will actually be applied.

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