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add a link to diff page to wiki item in activity page

Added by Jérôme Bousquié almost 14 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Would it be possible please to add a link on every wiki item displayed on the activity page to related diff version page ?
ex : on Project activity

Wiki edit: Index (#37) (diff) and diff links to Index/diff?version=37&version_from=36&commit=Voir+les+différences

So that, differences may be visible at a glance by users.

Thank you


#1 Updated by Thomas Capricelli almost 14 years ago

(mediawiki does that :-)

#2 Updated by Paulo Aguiar almost 13 years ago

Yes, I also think this would be a better way to link to Wiki activity.
mediawiki goes one step further and sends the differences in the RSS feed. I don't like that as much (probably because sometimes they collapse 2 or 3 changes in one notification), but a link to the diff page would prevent me from always having to click the History link and the View Differences button to find out which was that single word that changed in a very long page - I'd get that just from clicking the link of the Activity feed.
1 click instead of 3 clicks is always better if you ask me ;)

#3 Updated by Peter Becker about 8 years ago

I really miss easy access to the diffs of Wiki pages, and my preference is to actually have some kind of summary in the feed. We do a lot of small fixes: a bit of improved formatting, a typo fixed, etc. The in-stream diff helps sorting these from the actual content changes.

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