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Updated Dutch translations

Added by Daniel Gressmann over 13 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:2009-01-05
Priority:NormalDue date:2009-01-20
Assignee:Azamat Hackimov% Done:


Target version:0.8.1


Today I managed to update, correct and sort the Dutch language file and wiki toolbar lang file.

nl.yml (from r2230)

  • date format from 12 hour clock to 24 hour clock (several places)
  • removed space, it is a grammatical error (several places)
  • active_record_error_greater_than_start_date to proper Dutch ;) said: "higher than" now it says the date should be after the start date
  • activerecord_error_wrong_length said: "the wrong length" changed to "an incorrect length"
  • error_can_t_load_default_data added "De " to make a proper full sentence out of it
  • field_fixed_version for some reason the translation was confusing
  • field_start_date improved clarity of field's purpose
  • label_board_plural replaced with more common and equally allowed plural
  • label_issue_tracking introduced hyphen, actually should remove space but the hyphen is allowed for clarity
  • label_me said: "I", but "me" in Dutch is "mij"
  • label_registration_manual_activation corrected literal translation to more common one
  • setting_enabled_scm was literal translation from English and looked awkward
  • setting_issue_list_default_columns corrected translation error
  • setting_login_required replaced abbreviation with full words
  • setting_repositories_encodings
  • status_active should be all lowercase, like in other language files
  • button_annotate
  • label_example
  • label_updated_time_by had to change the word order to make a proper sentence, seems to work fine so far...
  • label_user_activity
  • any untranslated permission labels
  • setting_plain_text_mail
  • text_diff_truncated
  • text_issue_added and text_issue_updated completed translation
  • text_repository_usernames_mapping
  • warning_attachments_not_saved
  • text_coma_separated when correcting it to text_comma_separated a duplicate value would occur

jstoolbar-nl.js (from r2099)

Complete translation

nl.yml.patch Magnifier - Patch Dutch language file (53.4 KB) Daniel Gressmann, 2009-01-05 17:12

jstoolbar-nl.js.patch Magnifier - Patch Dutch wiki toolbar lang file (1.63 KB) Daniel Gressmann, 2009-01-05 17:12

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#2445, nl.yml update


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Updated, thank you.

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