Feature #25040

Save spent time in minutes (integer) rather than hours (float) for better accuracy

Added by Andrei Mihăilă almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Wouldn't it be better to convert the spent time to minutes and storing it as an integer into the database? This should increase accuracy and not affect the existing code - with one exception - the values need to be formatted when displayed (or exported to pdf/csv). But most of that has already been taken care of in #23996 (thank you for that!).

So, wouldn't it be nice to remove this from the doc:

2:05 hours (125 minutes) equals 2.0833333333333335 (est.) in decimal notation

Due to rounding of the decimal values to two decimals done when showing an accumulated value there can possibly be a tiny difference (as can be seen from the 2:05 example above).

Sorry if this was requested before, I just thought that with #23996 there is a better chance to have it implemented.

Thank you!

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