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application launch URLs not rendered as link

Added by Richard Pecl almost 14 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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There are URLs that launch 3rd party application when clicked on in the browser.
Redmine's wiki doesn't convert them into clickable link.


ea:1|50194|1|1607 3

converted to
<a href="ea:1|50194|1|1607%203">Document X</a>

launches application called EasyArchive and shows document identified by the numbers following ea:.

Maybe feature #2084 can fix this problem, since there is no simple conclusion how such links in general can be distinguished from regular text.

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#1 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 14 years ago

I can't see why you entered this as a defect and I don't see what differs from #2084.
Please help me.

#2 Updated by Richard Pecl almost 14 years ago

I have marked this as defect since something like ea:1|50194|1|1607%203 is regular URL handled by browsers. So when I enter in the Wiki text like


"Link to document":ea:1|50194|1|1607%203

it should be formatted to

<a href="ea:1|50194|1|1607%203" class="external">ea:1|50194|1|1607%203</a>

<a href="ea:1|50194|1|1607%203" class="external">Link to document</a>

like all other http:// ftp:// links are.

So in general the formatter should recognize not only /https?:\/\/.*/ and /ftps?:\/\/.*/ links, but also /\w+:.*/ links.

#2084 can solve this issue, but as a workaround (and with much more coding work).

#3 Updated by Richard Pecl almost 14 years ago

Perhaps it could be marked as Feature request if you consider parsing such type of links as new functionality.

#4 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 14 years ago

  • Tracker changed from Defect to Feature

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