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Hyperlinks with dash | m-files://

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Hi All,
we started using Redmine in our company and one of problems we have is that we are using MFiles for document sharing - it could be shared as hyperlinks in emails like:


Unfortnately Textile or Markdown doesnt seem to dash friendly :)

"Using Textile":m-files://show/1481067C-D3D8-465B-BE1D-1FC924913B39/0-147851?object=A6DD4B88-47CF-44A8-91AD-35411808231A
Using Textile without dash

The problem seems to be dash. How this could be solved? Thank you !

wiki_formatting.rb Magnifier (6.99 KB) M F, 2018-09-12 13:56


#1 Updated by M F over 4 years ago

Edited: redmine/lib/redmine/wiki_formatting.rb and when you paste just


it makes hyperlink


module LinksHelper
      AUTO_LINK_RE = %r{
                      (                          # leading text
                        <\w+[^>]*?>|             # leading HTML tag, or
                        [\s\(\[,;]|              # leading punctuation, or
                        ^                        # beginning of line
                        (?:https?://)|           # protocol spec, or
                        (?:m-files?://)|         # m-files
                        (?:www\.)                # www.*
                        ([^<]\S*?)               # url
                        (\/)?                    # slash
                      ((?:&gt;)?|[^[:alnum:]_\=\/;\(\)]*?)               # post
                     }x unless const_defined?(:AUTO_LINK_RE)

And how to support "Title":url syntax?
btw: do I need to "bundle install" each time I edit source code?

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