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new filed 'Related Issues Notes' for pair of related issues

Added by Bharat Shah over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Requesting a new feature to add a new custom field 'Related Issues Notes' to allow user to add any optional notes/comments for every pair of 'Related Issues'.

This can allow user to capture optional comments/notes about how any two issues are related if relationship is established between any two issues using 'Related Issues' relationship type.

Usage Scenario:

Think that following trackers are defined in a project

- Enhancement or Change Request

- User Story

Whenever any new enhancement / change request is requested it may impact multiple user stories.

Project is using 'Related Issues' relation type to establish relationships between enhancements and user stories and this new custom field can help to capture any notes within redmine tool about how that enhancement / change request is impacting respective user story.

This functionality can be very helpful for the team to document impact to user stories by enhancements / change requests and quicker delivery of requested changes.

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