Feature #32626

Delay notification E-Mails to allow edits / error corrections (without resend)

Added by Adrian Fey almost 3 years ago.

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In a majority of my projects it happens a lot, that tickets will be created and include typos or errors and will be edited shortly after creation.

When using the edit function in Redmine those changes are not resend by E-Mail if only the description of a comment was edited.

If someone adds information to a comment with the edit function or corrects a typo, all watchers will only receive (and probably read) the uncorrected version in the E-Mail.

For this reason it would be nice to have a parameter to set a delay for E-Mails.
For each change to a ticket by a user within this delay (delay is restarted after each change), the notification will be held back.
If more changes are made, the notification should merge does additional changes and send the final result, after the delay has passed.

For my projects this delay would be somewhere around 300 seconds, since our Tickets are not solved "just in time", this delay would be acceptable and would greatly reduce the amount of received E-Mails.
The massive amount of E-Mails often also leads to decreased awareness and more time consumption because of reading duplicate information on corrected tickets.

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