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Project Management Suggestion?

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Hi All.

I'm new with this redmine but I have somehow managed to install it succesfully and are very happy with it. I just migrated our development management from Trac to Redmine and couldn't be happier with that decision. One thing while I'm learning that I couldn't figure out how to do it the right way is this:

I have multiple projects that are organized this way.

Main Project: Project Enterprise
Subproject: Project1, Project2, Project3, Project4

How would you suggest I organized them in the Roadmap so that I can have the roadmap shown in this format? I have redmine 0.8.3 installed on FC 9 using Ruby Enterprise and Passenger. Thank you so much for all of your help and suggestion.


Project Enterprise

version: 1.0
category A
issue 123
issue 234
issue 213
category B
issue 564
issue 245
issue 752

issue 321
issue 345
issue 235
issue 325
issue 335
issue 673

version: 2.0

issue 675
issue 358
issue 346
issue 898
issue 244
issue 755
issue 321
issue 345
issue 235

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West Dude: You would get a better response if you asked in the Forum. The issue tracker is for recording bugs and feature requests. Thank you.

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