Feature #33762

Modification of text for wiki index by title page

Added by Brad Barnett over 2 years ago.

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There are loads of docs around, about exporting the entire wiki to HTML. Just recently a client wanted the ability to do just that.

Just clicking around yielded no joy, yet I knew the option was there. I tried going to all sorts of pages on the wiki, yet in no place did the word 'export' appear... yet this word was used in a variety of bug reports, docs on redmine.org.

Finally I found (in a FAQ/question), a response to an end user asking where they found it. And this response made me realise -- it's not called 'export' any more, but it is still on the 'Index by title' page. It's just that now, it exports everything, not a single page.

It would be very helpful if there was a 'export' link always available on the right pane. I mean, there's already a few links there.. why not add 'export wiki there'?

But if even not, it would be exceptionally helpful if the text at the bottom of the Index by Title page reflected 'export' was happening, not a single page dump.

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