Defect #35212

Issues controller_issues_edit_* hooks not firing on bulk edit actions

Added by Shaun Gilroy over 1 year ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:4.2.0


I'm not sure if this was the intended functionality or not, but it seems like a bug to me. We discovered in our installation of redmine 4.2.0.stable that when issues are edited through bulk update actions (right clicking from the issue list) that the following hooks do not trigger:

  • controller_issues_edit_before_save
  • controller_issues_edit_after_save

Upon closer examination of the system, I discovered that the IssueController.bulk_update method does not call the before and after

This seems like an unintentional oversight, so I'm reporting it here. We fixe the issue by simply editing the method in our copy of the application. But this only fixes the issue for us.

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 9.20.03 AM.png (78.7 KB) Shaun Gilroy, 2021-05-05 18:20

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