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Add button "Send notification again"

Added by David Doležal 7 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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It happened today. I wrote issue's note wrong and saved it. Users got notification email with wrong information. So I edited my note, corrected all wrong parts (like url for pics, text, ...) and saved it. No notification was send. I think it's ok, because usually nobody change own note after save. But for admins can be usefull to send it again, for example when something crashed on SMTP, etc.

So can you add button Send notification again for issue journal and protect it with permission.

How I think about:
On issue head will be new button. When I click on it - it send notification about issue like I save it like a new.
On issue's notes will be new button. When I click on it - it send notication about issue's note like I save it like a new.

Feel free for question. Maybe I didn't to describe it perfectly....


#1 Updated by David Doležal 3 months ago

I think it's not so difficult to solve it. All main part's are in core yet, but I don't know now, how to create button and add to him function. Can somebody to help me, please?


#2 Updated by David Doležal 2 months ago

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I found solution via this plugin. https://www.redmine.org/plugins/that_resent_notification It works exactly how I described.

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