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Diferentiate between "comment" and "edit", Issues.

Added by . ¦3<RELATIVISM . about 1 year ago.

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Currently when one wants to edit description of an issue you need to make 2 movements:
1. click to edit to open issue editions interface it self, and then
2. click in description editions specific button.
Which is quite unproductive, and given redmine is a software to increase productivity this should be improved :).

but more importantly this is unintuitive, confusing, as well as being ambigious,
because when someone intends to edit something in a issue they assume description editions would be included. Many times people just assume that one needs to be a administrator of the instance to do so, given the "edit description" feauture is a little bit not obvious.

Separate the experience in two in the right upper corner, or by adding a feature/button for just the note section bellow the issue report:
editing -> refering to editions on description
commenting -> refering to further editions on "notes" section bellow issue report

I understand that both are the same technically but it makes less understandable, if there isnt a separation of the two. Cheers Irelativism.

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