Defect #37550

Accessibility, formatting buttons: focus order / accessibility label

Added by Johannes Fischer - dzb lesen about 1 month ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:4.2.7


Editing of issues, forum messages: The focus order (using tab key) of formatting buttons (above description textarea) is wrong. Reason: There are attributes tabindex="200" on the <button> elements in HTML. Can you please delete those tabindex-attributes (or set the value to "0")? It's important for users with mobility impairments who use only a keyboard for navigation, as with tabindex=200 the focus navigates first through the formatting buttons and after through all other interactive elements of the website.

Additionally those buttons have only an attribute title as accessibility label. Blind users work with a screenreader, but a screenreader does not read out a title always for sure. Please add an attribute aria-label with same content, for example aria-label="Strong" where you have title="Strong".

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