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Redmine 5.0.3 keeps looking for the convert command

Added by Jaume Sabater over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Hello everyone!

As per the installation documentation online, when installing Redmine you should install RMagick (and the imagemagik system package, although it's not mentioned) when installing versions prior to 4.1 to be able to export gantt charts to PNG or PDF. But when installing Redmine version 5.x you can/should use Ghostscript to enable thumbnails generation for PDF attachments in Redmine 4.1 or later.

My Redmine 5.0.3 installation has mini_magick installed, which enables the "MiniMagick available (optional)" entry in the installation info page, and it also has the "ImageMagick PDF support available (optional)" entry because I installed the ghostscrit system package, but the "ImageMagick convert available (optional)" entry is not active because I didn't install the imagemagick system package.

This is kind of confusing in my opinion and the installation docs should be updated to reflect more clearly what you get and what you don't when installing (or not) certain packages.

In the end, I installed imagemagick on my Debian 11 Bullseye for the convert command to be available (and a huge number of dependencies that come with it). Nothing wrong with that, albeit a tad less optimal maybe, but it would be great for new users to be given clearer messages regarding these optional dependencies (i.e. imagemagick and ghostscript system packages).

Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Updated by Jaume Sabater over 1 year ago

Just in case the context of the issue is not clear enough, here you are my personal notes on my installation on Debian 11 Bullseye. Maybe they require change, too, so I'd appreciate the feedback:

  • ghostscript is required to enable thumbnails generation for PDF attachments in Redmine 4.1 or later.
  • imagemagick is required to enable thumbnails generation for images in Redmine (via the convert command).
  • git is required to interact with the source code repository on Github.
  • build-essential is required to build gems.
  • zlib1g-dev and libssl-dev are required by Bundler to build gems.
  • libpq-dev is required to build the PostgreSQL driver gem.
  • ruby-full (includes ruby and ruby-dev) and ruby-bundler are installed as system packages.
  • postgresql-client will be used to manually test the connection to the database.
  • subversion will be use to check out the source code.

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