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Cannot find/select some members in the Project->Settings->Members tab

Added by Robert Lankford almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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I've tried looking around for this in the forums and such. I may simply not know the terms that I ought to be using.

Anyway, I recently upgraded to "Redmine 1.0.2.stable.4264 (MySQL)". I've got around 140 users on my site at the moment. If I head to the administration area and look at the user list, I have to page around to see everyone.

I was trying to assign roles to folks on a project. I noticed that the list of users on the Project -> Settings -> Members page was truncated. Meaning, the right pane has a lot of folks listed alphabetically, but the list stops in the S's.

I suspect that there is a query behind this page simply pulling in the first x users (100, maybe?) and drawing the user list from those results. I don't see any way to 'page' through more users to find folks sorted to the bottom of the stack.

It's not an emergency since I was able to identify users in the Administration area and assign them the appropriate project role from there. This process, however, takes a lot more clicks.

Please forgive me if I've posted something that is already a known issue or if I'm just missing something really obvious here.

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See #6521.

#2 Updated by Robert Lankford almost 11 years ago

Wow. I'm not sure why the filter box kept escaping my attention, but it works wonderfully! Thanks for the feedback and sorry again for posting a duplicate.

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