Feature #7536

Automatic routing to another project's WIKI (Global WIKI)

Added by Paulo Oliveira almost 12 years ago.

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First of all, I love Redmine. It's very intuitive and flexible; easy enough to anyone use it. Thanks for making such good software.

I have been reading about the difficulties in making a global wiki, given Redmine's permission system among other things. So I thought it could be easier to make an automatic routing to another project's WIKI. Textille provides a simple way to do it manually:

This way, even if someone type that in an issue's description, it will create a new page in another project.

But what if there were some way to tell Redmine: "in this project, every link to a wiki page should be redirected to that other project's wiki"?
Perhaps this could be achieved by an automatically insertion of the the sandbox link into the original text:


will become that

Or maybe this could be done by some more elegant way, behind the scenes, without text insertion.
I think this could solve the "missing global wiki" problem, since every link should point out to only one project's wiki.

I suggest this because I intend to use Redmine with more than a hundred people, and it's useless to expect to everyone create content in the right place, and the kind of information we produce it's really not specific to the project itself, but to the whole organization. Maybe I'm pushing hard on Redmine, since it was developped aiming software development, and I work for the government with social projects. Here's what I'm thinking to do:


-- project CHILD ORGANIZATION 1 - ^
---- project REAL PROJECT 1 - ^
---- project REAL PROJECT 2 - ^

-- project CHILD ORGANIZATION 2 - ^
---- project REAL PROJECT 1 - ^
---- project REAL PROJECT 1 - ^

With ^ meaning that every wiki link should be redirected. I'm doing this because Redmine lacks ORGANIZATION structuring. Liferay does an interesting thing about that, it has ORGANIZATION, meaning to replicate the formal structure, and GROUPS meaning, well, groups.
In Redmine, GROUPS are assigned to PROJECTS, not the other way around, and it's ok! I think it would be nice to have, also, ORGANIZATION, so that PROJECTS should be assigned to ORGANIZATIONS, and GROUPS assigned to PROJECTS. Maybe I should write about this in another issue.

Again, thank you all for making Redmine.

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