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multiple project status summary page

Added by Joseph Julicher over 11 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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I would like to view all of the projects my team is working on and see at a glance the completion status.
This should be in the projects view.

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#1 Updated by Brett Patterson over 11 years ago

Can you describe what you mean by "completion status"? Are you saying that all of your projects have versions (or milestones)?

I think this could be better described as under each project (and subproject) the ability to see versions and their statuses. Perhaps a global default date of how recent a version became complete can be added so we don't have a listing of 80 versions for one project which scrolls the whole page when 75 versions have been "complete" for 3 months or more.

Perhaps in the UI we could have a "versions" link which could expand to show the top 5 versions with a "more" link which goes to the roadmap. Or for a graphical representation, a small graph with the version on the Y axis, and the % complete on the X axis would suffice.

#2 Updated by Dmitry Babenko almost 11 years ago

Is #9697 what are you looking for?

#3 Updated by Dmitry Babenko almost 10 years ago

Duplicates #1342.

Progressive Projects List plugin solves this issue.

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