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Activity commits improvement - display branch

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Hi all,
an activity message when somebody commits to the project's repository looks like this:
19:04 Myproject Revision 505:ea8b0f632816: done something
John Doe
(I use Mercurial, but I think that this may apply to other SCMs, too)
This is fine, of course, but one thing would be really great - mentioning the branch number somewhere, so it could look like
19:04 Myproject Branch 1.2lala, Revision 505:ea8b0f632816: done something
John Doe
If one works on a project with multiple branches that are developed simultaiously in the long term, the activity ouptut is not as informative as it could be and this would help a lot.
I believe that this could be easy enough to fix, so if nobody else feels like writing a patch, I would appreciate sone hints like what should be taken care of in order to make this working.
The reason I am asking for help is that I don't know Ruby very much neither I know the Redmine project.

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