Defect #11376

Updated by Etienne Massip about 9 years ago

Since upgrade to 2.x and keeping the SMTP settings untouched (using @:async_smtp@ delivery method), mails are simply not received anymore.

After digging around, it seems that the settings never make their way to the @Net::SMTP@ instance and that mail is attempted to be sent with default options (to @localhost:25@ with no auth).

According to "RoR "Ror 3.2.6 code":, settings are supposed to be fetched from mailer model using a method-specific @async_smtp_settings@ getter.

And indeed, adding the following lines in source:/tags/2.0.3/app/models/mailer.rb is enough to have the notifications sent back again:
<pre><code class="ruby">
class << self
alias_attribute :async_smtp_settings, :smtp_settings
alias_attribute :async_sendmail_settings, :sendmail_settings

Aside note: there is no error in log even at development level, why is that?