Feature #3224

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 8 years ago

As project managers, we are going goinig to project list page 100x per day. This page need some improving, because it's very frequently used in some companies, like as. Imagine, we have more that 100 projects, so now it's a bit uncomfortable uncomfrtoable to walk thru very long list of projects.

Some ideas/recommendations: ideas/recomendations:
* *Split list into several columns* - now we have very narrow but looong list, and we need to scroll & scroll...
* Favorite projects Favourite prijects or "last used" projects. It should be great to have ability to mark some projects as my favorite favourite and filter them, or there can be such an automated list of projects, on which I have been active in last 14 days dyas (time period configurable)

Different views can be put into tabs, or movable boxes like on "My page".

What others think?