Feature #22147

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 6 years ago

The helper added to group filters of ":tree" and ":relation" type uses ":label_related_issues" as group label.

<pre><code class="ruby"> &lt;pre&gt;

module QueriesHelper
include ApplicationHelper

def filters_options_for_select(query)
ungrouped = []
grouped = {}
query.available_filters.map do |field, field_options|
if [:tree, :relation].include?(field_options[:type])
group = :label_related_issues
elsif field =~ /^(.+)\./
# association filters

This is not OK as the helper is for all queries, not only for Issue queries. I my case I have a project query and group title "Related issues" does not match.

I would like to propose creating new, more generic label e.g. "label_related: Related".