Defect #15777

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 5 years ago

On "My page" I have a "Watched issues" widget.
It shows the issues count in parentheses, and currently it shows 13 there. However, in the list itself there are only 9 issues.
I figured out that 13 is the total number of all watched issues, including closed ones.
The expected behavior is: watched issues counter should show only the number of open issues.

Redmine version 2.3.4.stable.12471
Ruby version 1.8.7-p174 (2009-06-12) [i686-linux]
Rails version 3.2.13
Environment production
Database adapter Mysql2
Redmine plugins:
extended_fields 0.2.2
redmine_my_page_queries 2.0.8
redmine_tags 2.0.1-dev
redmine_time_tracker 0.5
stuff_to_do_plugin 0.4.1