Patch #10069

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 3 years ago

hi guys,

I have two suggestions for the email delimiter setting, which I think should be improved:

1. It should accept regex expression, because some email clients like web gmail will attach the signature after the quoted reply text, so it won't be cropped.

2. If not regexp, then it should not match the whole delimiter line, only the beginning of it. Here is a patch for that:

<pre><code class="diff"> &lt;pre&gt;
Index: app/models/mail_handler.rb
--- app/models/mail_handler.rb (revision 8414)
+++ app/models/mail_handler.rb (working copy)
@@ -378,7 +378,8 @@
def cleanup_body(body)
delimiters = Setting.mail_handler_body_delimiters.to_s.split(/[\r\n]+/).reject(&:blank?).map {|s| Regexp.escape(s)}
unless delimiters.empty?
- regex ="^[> ]*(#{ delimiters.join('|') })\s*[\r\n].*", Regexp::MULTILINE)
+ regex ="^[> ]*(#{ delimiters.join('|') }).*", Regexp::MULTILINE)
body = body.gsub(regex, '')
</code></pre> &lt;/pre&gt;

What do you guys think?