Feature #27363

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 4 years ago

Morning :)

I have some custom fields as a list/key-value list.
When working with filters, I can select is / is not / none / any
The current behaviour is that "any" actually means "any but don't show those with none"

It would be so handy to have one more state, like ALL which lists just all items - actually, ignoring this filter.
I know it can sounds silly but it can be very useful.

We have one tracker for our jobs and job members jobnumers (yep, we're tracing our whole life via Redmine).
I have some predefined (saved) filters. Default filters is that I see tickets (jobs) for all our customers, even the jobs not yet assigned to customer (so I cant use filter Customer=any because coz it will list only non-empty values).
But each time I need to select specific customer, I have to go to Add filer / Customer (very very long list of attributes) / Then select customer.
It would be really awesome, if the filter can be already in saved query as a Customer = All (or somehow) so I can quickly just select value I need to filter and not adding custom filed into filter lists.

Sorry for cumbersome description :)