Feature #24277

Updated by Marius BALTEANU over 3 years ago

Currently, Redmine offers the possibility to estimate an issue and track the time spent on that issue using the log time module.

Regarding the progress made on an issue, the only possibility is to use the "Done ratio" field, but there are some major disadvantages from our point of view:
1. update action requires multiple clicks
2. is not so accurate because if you calculate the remaining time using the formula "done ratio * estimated time" it means that the remaining time can't be greater than estimated time.
Having the following scenario:
** Issue with estimated time set to 4h
** During the development you discover that more hours (6h for example) are required

In order to correctly register the remaining time, you need to change the estimation from 4h to 6h and let the done ratio to 0%. Otherwise, the remaining time will be still 4h.

3. there is no relation between the log time and the done ratio field

h2. Attached there are 2 patches:

*1. 01_add_remaining_hours_field_15945.patch*:
* adds a new core field named "Remaining time" which behave almost like the Estimated time field
* automatically set the remaining time equal with estimated time when the remaining time is null and estimated time > 0.
* automatically set the remaining time to 0h when closing the issue.

!{width:60%; border: 1px solid grey;}remaining_time_field.png! !remaining_time_field.png!

*2. update_issue_remaining_time.patch:* the user can decide in the log time form to update or not the issue remaining hours. There are 3 options available:
- [default] adjust automatically: issue remaining time will be decreased with the logged number of hours.
- set to x hours
- do no update remaining time.

!{width:60%; border: 1px solid grey;}remaining_time_in_time_log.png! !remaining_time_in_time_log.png!

In this way, the issue remaining time can be tracked easily.

Also, we have in plan the following improvements:
- a new option for "Done Ratio" field to be calculated using the estimated time and remaining time
- better time tracking details in the version page.

There are multiple issues related to this feature:
* [[DoneRatio_issues_overview]] - Section "Requests (and patch) for adding 3rd option "Use the logged and estimated time"
* #22326 (implemented by the first patch)