Patch #29951

Updated by Marius BALTEANU over 3 years ago

I'm attaching two proposals for the projects index page that can be achieved only with some CSS changes.

The single difference between the two proposals is how we display the subprojects are displayed. subprojects.

1. Using the current method with left border, but applied for all subprojects, not only for the first children.

!{width:75%;border: 1px solid grey;}.projects_index_with_left_border.png!

2. Replaced the left border with the existing arrow used in other pages to display subprojects or subtasks.

!{width:75%;border: 1px solid grey;}.projects_index_with_arrow.png!

As I said also in the #26853, the current implementation is considered by many users a defect (7 issue reported since then) and is one of the most reported issue lately.

!{width:75%;border: 1px solid grey;}.projects_index_current.png!

Any feedback is welcome. I'll add the patch for review/testing very soon.