Feature #31272

Updated by Marius BALTEANU over 2 years ago

1. Move links under the general dropdown

!{width:60%; border: 1px solid grey;}.general_dropdown.png! grey;}.current.png!

2. Make "Also available in" a dropdown and move it to the contextual area.

!{width:60%; border: 1px solid grey;}.also_available_in_dropdown.png!

3. Same as 2, but instead of the "Also available in" text, use an icon (to save some space). The download icon maybe is not the best, but it is enough to see how it looks.

!{width:60%; border: 1px solid grey;}.also_available_in_icon_dropdown.png!

4. Old proposal that just moves the links on the same line with pagination elements on non responsive mode.

!{width:60%; border: 1px solid

Current implementation:
!{width:60%; border: 1px solid grey;}.current.png!

Feedback is welcomed.