Defect #31507

Updated by Marius BALTEANU about 3 years ago

The test @test_partials_with_html_entities@ fails if the trailing whitespaces are removed. The attached patch can be used to reproduce the below problem:

notroot@eb7d0b73147d:/work$ ruby test/unit/lib/redmine/unified_diff_test.rb -n test_partials_with_html_entities
DEPRECATION WARNING: `secrets.secret_token` is deprecated in favor of `secret_key_base` and will be removed in Rails 6.0. (called from <top (required)> at /work/config/environment.rb:16)
Run options: -n test_partials_with_html_entities --seed 55482

# Running:


NoMethodError: undefined method `html_line_left' for nil:NilClass
test/unit/lib/redmine/unified_diff_test.rb:106:in `test_partials_with_html_entities'

bin/rails test test/unit/lib/redmine/unified_diff_test.rb:92

I wasn't able to fix the test without changing the diff, any solution is welcome.