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h1. Download

h2. Latest stable release: 0.8.7 (2009-11-15)

Redmine releases can be downloaded at "RubyForge":
See the [[Changelog]] for details and [[RedmineInstall]] for installation instructions.

h2. Latest source code

You can get the latest source code of Redmine from the Subversion repository hosted at Rubyforge:

* the repository URL is:

or from the git mirror:

* the repository URL is:

This is the prefered way to get Redmine if you want to benefit from the latest improvements and be able to upgrade easily.

h3. Development

You can [[CheckingoutRedmine|checkout]] the latest development source from the trunk with one of the following commands:

svn co redmine
svn co svn:// redmine

or, from the git mirror:
git clone git://

h3. 0.8 Stable

You can [[CheckingoutRedmine|checkout]] the latest stable source with one of the following commands:

svn co redmine-0.8
svn co svn:// redmine-0.8

It will create a directory named @redmine-0.8@ and you'll be able to update your Redmine copy using @svn update@ in this directory.

h2. Alternative sources

* "BitNami Redmine Stack": &quot;Redmine Bitnami Stack&quot;: – an installer which deploys Redmine and all that's necessary to run it (Apache, MySQL, Subversion, Ruby, Rails, etc.). Available for Windows, Linux, Mac x86 and Mac PPC.
* "BitNami Redmine Module": - a module &quot;JumpBox for the "BitNami Infrastructure Stacks":
* "BitNami Redmine Virtual Machines": - Virtual Images for "VMWare":
* "BitNami Redmine Cloud Images": - Cloud Images for "Amazon EC2": and "GoGrid":
* "JumpBox Redmine Appliance":
Redmine&quot;: (subscription service) - a virtual appliance with a self-contained instance of Redmine pre-configured so that it works immediately. Supports all major OS's and virtualization platforms like Amazon EC2, VMware and "VirtualBox":http://www.virtualbox.or.
* "TurnKey Redmine Appliance": - an appliance which can be loaded into VirtualBox and can be deployed on-demand using Amazon EC2.

h2. Troubleshooting

If you get this error when trying to checkout the source:

"PROPFIND 200 OK" error

Please contact your network administrator and ask him to enable WebDAV extension in your proxy.