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h1. Download 

 h2. Latest source 

 You can checkout the latest source from the SVN repository trunk. 

   svn checkout svn:// 


   svn checkout 

 This is the prefered way to get Redmine if you want to benefit from the latest improvements. By using the SVN repository you can also upgrade more easily. 

 h2. Latest release: 0.6.1 (2007-12-10) 0.6.0 (2007-11-04) 

 Redmine releases can be found at "RubyForge": 

 h2. Troubleshooting 

 If you can't access the SVN repository via the __svn://__ URL (with an error such as "connection refused") please try the http:// method. 

 Don't forget to configure your environment for your proxy. 

 If even with proxy configured, you still get problems such as: 

   "PROPFIND 200 OK" error 

 Please contact your network administrator and ask him to enable WebDAV extension in your proxy.