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h1. Wikis 

 h2. Créer une nouvelle page Wiki 

 Comme dans chaque wiki, ajouter simplement un lien vers la page que vous voulez créer. 

 Enregistrez la page et cliquez sur ce lien: vous avez créé une nouvelle page wiki appelée "MyNewWikiPage". "MyNewWikiPage"  

 h2. Créer une barre latérale (side bar) 

 Le contenu de la page wiki appelée 'Sidebar' est affichée dans la bare latérale s'il existe. 

 . Permission to edit protected pages is required to create this page 

 h2. Creating sub-pages (parent/child relationships) 

 (From the [[FAQ]]). 

 Looking at it is possible to make use of some sort of sub-paging like: 
 > * Guide 
 > ** RedmineAccounts 
 > ** RedmineCustomFields 
 > ** RedmineInstall 
 > ** RedmineIssueList 
 > ** RedmineIssues 

 This can be accomplished by assigning a parent page to a to-be child-page. This assignment can be done via the @rename@ dialog. 
 Thus, create both the child- and parent-pages and then open the to-be child-page and click "rename", then enter the name of the parent page. 

 h2. Text formatting 

 See [[RedmineTextFormatting]]. 

 h2. Protecting a wiki page 

 If you have the permission to protect wiki pages, you can click on !/images/locked.png! *Lock*. 

 A locked wiki page can only be edited by users who have the permission to protect wiki page. 
 It can be unlocked by those users by clicking !/images/unlock.png! *Unlock*. 

 h2. Wiki page history 

 Redmine keeps a record of every change made to a wiki page. You can view the list of these changes by clicking on !/images/history.png! *History*. 

 p=. !history.png! 

 To view a specific version of the page click on its number. 

 p=. !page_version.png! 

 You can revert a page to a previous version by clicking on !/images/cancel.png! *Rollback to this version*, then *Save*.