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h1. HowTo connect a Mylyn repository to Redmine

"Mylyn": is an Eclipse plugin for task management.
This HowTo explains how to connect to Redmine using the generic web repository connector.

Note that the generic web repository connector is not part of the default Mylyn install.
So, you have to install it first from the _incubator_ update site (see

h2. Create a Task Repository

# Right-click on the task repositories list and click *Add task repository*
# Choose _Web Template (Advanced)_ and click *Next*
# Configure the repository:

Server: -- Replace it with the URL of your Redmine instance
Task URL: ${serverUrl}/issues/show/ ${serverUrl}/issues/
New task URL: ${serverUrl}/projects/foo/issues/new -- Replace foo with the identifier of the project used for new tasks
Query request URL: ${serverUrl}/issues
Query pattern: <td class="subject">.*?<a href="/issues/show/(\d+)">(.+?)</a></td>
Login request URL: ${serverUrl}/login?username=${userId}&password=${password} [POST]


p=. !mylyn-repository-properties.png!

You can replace the _Query request URL_ parameter with the following if you want to get only the issues that are assigned to you:


h2. Create a Query

* On the task list, right-click and choose *New* -> *Query...*
* And select your newly created repository

p=. !mylyn-task-list.png!

"Redmine-Mylyn Connector": is another solution providing better integration with Mylyn