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h1. HowTo add a logo to your Redmine banner

You can very easily add a logo to your Redmine banner by modifying your base.rhtml file.
Big thanks to "Chris Miller":/users/758 for showing me how to accomplish this :)

Note: This has been tested using the Squeejee Theme and the Classic Theme.

*Edit your base.rhtml file*

nano /opt/redmine/app/views/layouts/base.rhtml</pre>

Find this line:<pre>
<h1><%= page_header_title %></h1></pre>

And change it to:<pre>
<!--<h1><%= page_header_title %></h1>--></pre>

Add this line directly below:<pre>
<img src="/redmine/images/logo.png" src=&quot;/images/logo.png&quot; style="top-margin: 15px; left-margin: 15px;"/></pre>

Now it should look like this:<pre>

<!--<h1><%= page_header_title %></h1>-->
<img src="/images/logo.png" style="top-margin: 15px; left-margin: 15px;"/>

<% if display_main_menu?(@project) %></pre>

*Upload your logo*

Example using the scp command:<pre>
scp logo.png</pre>

You probably should chown the uploaded logo:<pre>
chown redmine:redmine /opt/redmine/public/images/logo.png</pre>

*Restart your web server*

Examples:<pre>/etc/init.d/apache2 restart</pre><pre>/etc/init.d/httpd restart</pre><pre>/etc/init.d/nginx restart</pre>