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Version 13 (Victor Dulepov, 2011-02-18 13:16) → Version 14/15 (Pawel Orzechowski, 2011-11-27 17:44)

h1. Basic Polls plugin


Though I am not the author of the plugin, I have created git repository for it on "GitHub":

h2. Features

Adds basic polls management to Redmine (the *Polls* tab at the project level). Create and edit polls and poll choices. Insert the resulting polls and poll results as Wiki macros:

* *@{{poll(id)}}@* - show poll;
* *@{{poll_result(id)}}@* - show detailed poll results;

Polls not yet voted by the current user are shown on Home (all projects) and on project's Overview in a box similar to _Latest News_.
Deleting a poll option already voted for by some users deletes their votes.

Permissions added: _Edit polls_, _Vote polls_.

h2. Compatibility

|_. Plugin Version|_. Redmine compatibility|

Requires [[PluginBlocksLayout|Blocks Layout]] plugin to run.

h2. Credits:

* Author: "_Pavel Vinokurov_"
* Inspired by "Confluence Survey plugin":
* Work sponsored by "Axmor Software":

h2. Screenshots:

h3. Poll and poll results in WIKI:


h3. Poll in issue description:


h3. Polls listing:


h3. Editing a poll:


h3. Editing a poll option:

!polls_edit_choice.png !