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h1. ezLibrarian Plugin

It's a book shelf management plugin for redmine. It's designed for a internal use.

h2. Feature

1. Designed for using in company's book shelf management.
2. You can input the book's info to the system and view them later.
3. It can record the user who is holding the book.
4. Every holder change will be recorded too.
5. User can write reviews for the book.
6. Note: the books are not categorized by project.

It can be downloaded from github:


!ezlibrarian_1_tn.png!:/attachments/download/977 !ezlibrarian_2_tn.png!:/attachments/download/979 !ezlibrarian_3_tn.png!:/attachments/download/981 !ezlibrarian_1_tn.png!:/attachments/download/863 !ezlibrarian_2_tn.png!:/attachments/download/863 !ezlibrarian_3_tn.png!:/attachments/download/863

h2. To install from git:

(Git Version < 1.5.3)
cd {RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins
git clone git://

(Git Version >= 1.5.3 -- Because the "git-rails" gem uses Git Submodules introduced in ver. 1.5.3)
gem install git-rails
git-rails install git://

h2. Plugin setup

1. Copy the plugin directory(redmine_ezlibrarian) into the vendor/plugins directory

2. Migrate plugin:
rake db:migrate_plugins

3. Start Redmine