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h1. Timesheet Plugin

A plugin to show and filter timelogs across all projects in Redmine.

h2. Features

* Filtering of timelogs
** by Date ranges
** by Projects
** by Activities
** by Users
* Subtotals by project
* "Run Timesheet" permission to restrict feature to specific users

h2. Screenshot:

!redmine-timesheet_thumb.png!:/attachments/993/redmine-timesheet.png !redmine_timesheet_screenshot_thumb.png!:/attachments/download/10

h2. Installation and Setup

There are three ways to download it:
# Download the plugin. There are three supported ways:
#* Downloading the latest archive file from "Little Stream Software projects":
#* Checkout the source from Git
@cd vendor/plugins/ && git clone git:// timesheet_plugin@
#* Install it using Rail's plugin installer
@script/plugin install git://
# Install the plugin as described [[Plugins|here]] (this plugin doesn't require migration).
# Login to your Redmine install as an Administrator.
# Enable the "Run Timesheet" permissions for your Roles.
# Add the "Timesheet module" to the enabled modules for your project.
# The link to the plugin should appear on that project's navigation.

h3. Zip

# Download the latest zip file from "Little Stream Software projects":
# Unzip the file to your Redmine into @vendor/plugins@
# Restart your Redmine

h3. Git

# Open a shell to your Redmine's vendor/plugins/timesheet_plugin folder
# Update your Git copy with `git pull`
# Restart your Redmine

h3. SVN

To migrate from the svn copy to the git copy you will need to remove the plugin and reinstall it. Just remove the @vendor/plugins/timesheet_plugin@ directory and follow the directions below.

h2. News

"0.3.0 Release announcement": (2008-07-02)
"0.0.2 Release announcement": (2008-02-12)
"0.0.1 Release announcement": (2008-01-10)