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Version 13 (Karl Heinz Marbaise, 2008-12-29 18:56) → Version 14/15 (Jean-Philippe Lang, 2010-01-10 11:22)

h1. News

In the news area you can publish news items about the project or any subject you like.

You can give the news item a title, a summary and the detailed description. The summary will be displayed in the *Latest news* *_Latest news_* area of the [[RedmineProjectOverview|project overview]] [[RedmineProjectOverview|Overview]] page whereas the description will be displayed if you click on the title (in this case _Release 0.8.0 release candidate_) of the news item.

If you have the permission to create news items than you can edit an existing news entry.

(TODO: Add better Screenshot from Redmine site, cause i don't have the permission to add news).


If you have the permission to create new news items you have a green plus sign in the upper right of you screen. If you click on that you can add a new news item. There you have to insert the *Title*, *Summary* *_Title_*, *_Summary_* and *Description* *_Description_* of the news item.


(TODO: Describe summary, description what if summary is empty ?)