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Tom Rochette, 2010-01-11 17:03
Fixed some sentences syntax.

1 1 Karl Heinz Marbaise
h1. News
2 1 Karl Heinz Marbaise
3 7 Karl Heinz Marbaise
In the news area you can publish news items about the project or any subject you like.
4 2 Karl Heinz Marbaise
5 14 Jean-Philippe Lang
You can give the news item a title, a summary and the detailed description. The summary will be displayed in the *Latest news* area of the [[RedmineProjectOverview|project overview]] whereas the description will be displayed if you click on the title of the news item.
6 8 Karl Heinz Marbaise
7 15 Tom Rochette
If you have the [[RedmineRoles#Permissions|permissions]] to create news items, then you can add/edit/delete an existing news entry ([[RedmineRoles#Permissions|see Redmine Permissions]]).
8 1 Karl Heinz Marbaise
9 15 Tom Rochette
If you have the [[RedmineRoles#Permissions|permission]] to create new news items, you have a green plus sign (*+ Add news*) in the upper right of you screen. If you click on that, you can add a new news item. On this page, you have to insert the *Title*, *Summary* and *Description* of the news item. 
10 11 Karl Heinz Marbaise
11 14 Jean-Philippe Lang