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h1. Repository Statistics
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4 3 Mischa The Evil
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Redmine generates two SVG images representing the number of _Changes_ and the number of _Revisions_ in the configured repository. One image shows a month to month break down of _Changes_ vs _Revisions_. The other image shows the number of _Changes_ and _Revisions_ made by each commiter.  
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h2. Definitions
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* _Revisions_ is a count of repository commits and is displayed in redish/orange.
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* _Changes_ is a count of the number of files that have changed overall and is displayed in blue.
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h2. Notes
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14 4 Dave Clements
It is known that the SVG images won't render properly using certain browsers and when running Redmine on certain Ruby distribution(s) (versions). See the [[FAQ]]-item [[FAQ#Repository-statistics-doesnt-show-up|Repository statistics doesn't show up]] for a more detailed description of the issue and solutions to solve it.