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h1. Repository Statistics 


 Redmine generates two SVG images representing the number of _Changes_ and the number of _Revisions_ in the configured repository. One image shows a month to month break down of _Changes_ vs _Revisions_. The other image shows the number of _Changes_ and _Revisions_ made by each commiter.   

 h2. Definitions 

 * _Revisions_ is a count of repository commits and is displayed in redish/orange. 
 * _Changes_ is a count of the number of files that have changed overall and is displayed in blue. 

 h2. Notes 

 It is known that the SVG images won't render properly using certain browsers and when running Redmine on certain Ruby distribution(s) (versions). See the [[FAQ]]-item [[FAQ#Repository-statistics-doesnt-show-up|Repository statistics doesn't show up]] [[FAQ#Repository-statistics-doesnt-show-up|FAQ#Repository-statistics-doesnt-show-up]] for a more detailed description of the issue and solutions to solve it.