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h1. Roles & permissions

Roles lets you define the permissions that the members have on a project. Each member of a project has a one Role for the project. A user can have different roles for different projects.

You can create new roles or edit existing ones. You can delete a role only if nobody has this role on a project.

h2. Roles properties

* *Name*: display name of the role
* *Issues can be assigned to this role*: if unchecked, issues can not be assigned to members with who have this role on a the project.

h2. Permission

When editing a role, you can define its permissions by checking/unchecking the different actions.

h2. System roles

There are 2 system roles in Redmine: 'Non member' and 'Anonymous'. They are internally used by Redmine and thus can not be deleted.

* *Non member*: this role lets you define the permissions that a registered user has on projects which he is not a member of.
* *Anonymous*: this role lets you define the permissions that anonymous users have on the projects.

Not that these permissions only apply to public projects since a user who is not a member of a private project can not even see it.