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h1. Wikis


h2. Creating a new wiki page

As in every wiki, just add a link to the page you want to create.


Save the page and click on that link: you have created a new wiki page with "MyNewWikiPage" as its name.

h2. Text formatting Creating an additional wiki side bar

See [[RedmineTextFormatting]]. The content of the wiki page named &#x27;@Sidebar@&#x27; is rendered in the wiki sidebar if it exists. Permission to protect wiki pages is required to create this page.

h2. Creating sub-pages (parent/child relationships)

It is possible to create parent/child relationships between wiki-pages. This has two benefits:
* On the "[[RedmineWikis#Sidebar|Index by title]]", the page tree in sorted according to the relationhips:
> * Guide
> ** RedmineAccounts
> ** RedmineCustomFields
> ** RedmineInstall
> ** RedmineIssueList
> ** RedmineIssues
* On each child page a breadcrumb is displayed showing the location of the page within the page tree:
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These relations can be set by assigning a parent page to a to-be child-page.

h2. Renaming
This assignment can be done via the @rename@ dialog only.
Thus, create both the child-
and moving a wiki page

To rename a wiki page
parent-pages and move a wiki page then open the to-be child-page and its children to other project, click on !/images/move.png! *Rename*.

p=. TODO, add image

If 'Redirect existing links' is checked, existing links to
&quot;rename&quot;, then select the current page are redirected to name of the wiki page renamed or moved. Links to the children-pages move to other project are not redirected. To stop the redirection see a workaround in #6401#note-8.

You can specify a
parent page in 'Parent page'. and click &quot;save&quot;.

You can move a page to another project by specifying the destination project in 'Project'. When moving a page, each child page is also moved unless the destination project contains a page with the same name. h2. Text formatting

See [[RedmineTextFormatting]].

h2. Protecting a wiki page

If you have the permission to protect wiki pages, you can click on !/images/locked.png! *Lock*.

A locked wiki page can only be edited by users who have the permission to protect wiki pages.
It can be unlocked by those users by clicking !/images/unlock.png! *Unlock*.

h2. Wiki page history

Redmine keeps a record of every change made to a wiki page. You can view the list of these changes by clicking on !/images/history.png! *History*.

p=. !history.png!

To view a specific version of the page click on its number.

p=. !page_version.png!

What is displayed can be misleading: @Version 31/41 (diff)@ means that you are viewing version 31 out of 41, it does not mean that the diff link will show you the differences between 31 and 41. It does show you the differences between version 30 and 31. If you're looking at version 30, you'll see Version 30/41, and the diff will show you the changes in version 30.

If you want to see differences between 40 and 41, go to the revisions list and click 'View changes' (by default, it will show the diff of the last version).

You can revert a page to a previous version by clicking on !/images/cancel.png! *Rollback to this version*, then *Save*. In that case a new page version is created without losing the wiki page history.

If you instead do want to delete all history of a wiki page you have to copy the content of that page to a safe place (copy/paste in edit window), delete the page and re-create it with the same name. Then re-insert the copied content.

h2. Sidebar

The content of the wiki page named '@Sidebar@' is rendered in the wiki sidebar if it exists. Permission to protect wiki pages is required to create this page.

The contextual sidebar on the right of any wiki page provides links to:
* *Start page*: Link to the [[RedmineProjectSettings#Wiki|configured start page]] of the wiki
* *Index by title*: Index of all the wiki pages sorted by name (and, if [[RedmineWikis#Creating-sub-pages-parentchild-relationships|configured]], by parent/child relationships)

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* *Index by date*: Index of all the wiki pages sorted by date of last modification

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