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Version 2 (Konstantin Zaitsev, 2009-06-10 17:00) → Version 3/4 (Konstantin Zaitsev, 2009-06-10 17:01)

h1. Watersky theme

A Redmine theme based on Redmine Alternate theme.

h2. Author

Konstantin Zaitsev.

h2. Description

It is derivated from the [[ThemeAlternate|alternate theme]]. The theme uses Silk icons (

h2. Screenshots

|=. *Project Issuelist* |
| !issues_list_tn.png!:/attachments/2175/issues_list.png !issues_list_tn.png!:/attachments/2175/issue_details.png |
|=. *Issue details* |
| !issue_details_tn.png!:/attachments/2173/issue_details.png |

h2. Obtaining the theme

The theme can be downloaded from

h2. Installation

Follow the Redmine theme installation steps at:

h2. Changelog

h3. v1.0.0 - _2009-06-09_

* Initial release...

h2. Licensing

The watersky theme is open source and released under the terms of the "New BSD License v2":

Silk icons ( is licensed under a "Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License":

h2. Support

Support is provided by the author of the theme itself. For getting help or discussing about the theme, you can browse the dedicated "forum-thread":