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13:01 Redmine Feature #12376: Integration with Devise
Would love to see Devise in Redmine.
Seems to be more and more relevant to offer different authentication methods as...


15:44 Redmine Feature #26968 (New): Integrate Mediawiki's VisualEditor
Wikimedia has their VisualEditor finally stable.
Lot's of work went into it and it is very versatile.
It would be...


15:34 Redmine Patch #3358: Advanced LDAP authentication
You can try - of course :)
I have to mention that I run into one little problem once I tried to apply my updated pat...


02:01 Redmine Patch #3358: Advanced LDAP authentication
Updated patch of Daniel Marczisovszky to current version of redmine (1.2.1) and current trunk revision (r6417).

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