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23:11 Redmine Development: RE: What can be good alternative to Jira/Redmine?
Service Now is very heavy and functional, you can basically do anything you like, but it takes a lot of work to do th...
23:10 Redmine Development: RE: Making issues that are assigned to you more visible
Michael Barry wrote:
> Bernhard,
> Thank you so much! This does indeed work! (I had to be careful not to confus...


22:36 Redmine Plugins: RE: Rails 3 porting issues
Alex Shulgin wrote:
> Etienne Massip wrote:
> > Alex Shulgin wrote:
> > >
> > > The helper file is there, under ...
22:24 Redmine Development: RE: How to add an issue trackers(Bag,Feature,Support) to existing project?(c#)
Bernhard Rohloff wrote:
> At the moment, I don't exactly understand your problem. Do you want to add the tracker pro...

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