Bulk update Start/End Date

Added by Nicolás P. about 13 years ago


I'm in need to update all my version's issues to change the start date 1 week forward. How can i do this? I havn't found a way. It would be great to move those issues that are blocked too.

Can anyone give me a hint on this?


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RE: Bulk update Start/End Date - Added by Felix Schäfer about 13 years ago

Please see the RedmineIssueList bulk edit feature, although that will only work with absolute dates, not things like "add 1 week to all". There is also a plugin to link the end date to a version's delivery date that might be interesting for you, I think it's by Eric Davis. Lastly, the start/end dates are only tied for issues linked by a "precedes" relation, but make sure you look up the guide to confirm that.