view redmine inside outlook 2007

Added by mythos mint almost 12 years ago

First I want to apologize for talking about Microsoft products here. But we use Outlook 2007 at work so I thought I would share some stuff I found.

We started using redmine back in February and it's been helping us track issues MUCH better. (We also make other departments use it to request work from us)

So most of our users aren't tech savvy so I was trying to find a way to make redmine show up in Outlook.

It's actually pretty easy to do :

  1. Create a new folder
  2. Right click and go to properties
  3. Click the home page tab
  4. Add the redmine page you want to look at

And you'll get something like this:


One downfall is that it doesn’t keep the panel open. So when you click off on inbox or somewhere else it essentially closes the browser window and you have to start navigating from the redmine url again. I'll keep looking and see if there is a way to keep it open. I haven't seen much more info about it so maybe somebody here might have an idea.

It would be nice to have Redmine toolbar that could show you how many assigned tasks you have (Like mypage) But if I could this working it would probably be enough for our users. (We're going to try to use the LDAP to authenticate to our active directy too so users don't need another username/password).


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