Direct SQL queries to custom values

Added by J Doe about 12 years ago

Hi Folks,

No doubt, Redmine is a great tool but I'm finding its table structure quite complex to query for reporting purposes.

Is there a way of using SQL only, to query the issues and custom values so that we have an output equivalent to the one exported to CSV? ("std issue fields and custom fields as columns" x data as rows}


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RE: Direct SQL queries to custom values - Added by Felix Schäfer about 12 years ago

Surely you can use SQL to fetch whatever information you need, rails/redmine only uses SQL too after all, but as most of redmine's queries are generated by rails (an ORM), you're on your own if you want to query the DB directly. That said, you can run redmine in development mode and have a look at the logs, you'll see the queries rails generates, maybe that will get you a "feeling" for the DB structure.