[OOT] Applause for REDMINE Team !!!

Added by Martinus J Wahyudi about 15 years ago

On This Message, i would like to thank you for all the team of redmine for building this nice, light, and easy to use collaboration/issue tracking tools. I appreciate u guys. Cool..

Martin - Indonesia

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RE: [OOT] Applause for REDMINE Team !!! - Added by Amy L almost 15 years ago

I too would like to thank the Redmine team for this wonderful tool. I have been looking for something like this for a while and Redmine suits my needs very well. Bravo!

-- Amy L

RE: [OOT] Applause for REDMINE Team !!! - Added by Chris Miller almost 15 years ago

Amen! Were it not for Redmine, I have no idea what I'd do!

The biggest testament to Redmine is how I arrived to using it.

Tried Trac on a shared hosting provider. Didn't auto-create SVN, I had to issue people Subversion passwords. Eventually I found a workaround... that gave everyone who registered on my site SVN commit authority. Not good! Trac was hard to use, confused all my other developer friends, and generally made a mess.

Moved to a VPS and tried using GForge. GForge is massive, complex, and slow. It confused all my developers massively - they hated it. It was slow, and caused many things to just plain Not Work (TM). Advantages? It automatically created SVN repositories and controlled their access. Major plus!

GForge eventually became so bloated over time (it got worse with time... strangest thing I've ever seen in a web app) that I had to just declare it "broken" and move on. So I tried Redmine.

Took a week to configure. Ran flawlessly for 74 days. Updated it and Debian and ran into a million issues. Mainly my fault. Advantages? Simple, my developers can find their way around it, my Wiki Nazi developer (the one that really uses wikis, almost to the point of abuse) likes the Wiki a lot (second only to Trac). It automatically creates and controls my repositories. I don't have to do anything to it in order for it to continue working. In short: it's the godsend to my needs. Simple. Works.

It makes me proud of the site I maintain. Thank you so much for Redmine! It's really the best thing I've ever used - and trust me, I've tried 'em all (all the free ones, that is)!

RE: [OOT] Applause for REDMINE Team !!! - Added by Tom A almost 15 years ago

Indeed, i must add my kudos for the redmine team. Me and everyone in my development team absolutely love it. Especially its integration with subversion.

keep it up.